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You can search for an agency by area, by type of advice or by keyword. Select your options and then press the search button at the bottom of the page.

Or you can browse all agencies.

Search by area

Which area(s) do you want to search?

Luton Borough is not covered by the Directory but you can find information on the Luton Directory

Search by type of advice or information required

The list below contains the main types of civil legal advice. Some agencies provide advice on other issues (eg education, disability) and you can use the keyword search to find them.

More information… All welfare benefits - including contributory benefits, non-means-tested benefits, means-tested benefits and tax credits

More information… Community care issues - including residential care, social services and NHS assessments, payments for care, home care

More information… Goods, services, travel etc

More information… Money advice, financial issues, credit references, etc

More information… Employment discrimination, goods and services discrimination, discrimination because of race, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion or belief,

More information… Dismissals, gievances, disciplinary issues, redundancy, pay

More information… Partner and marital disputes, divorce, responsibility for children

More information… Tenancy disputes, disrepair, rent and mortgage arrears, eviction and repossesions, homelessness, neighbour disputes.

More information… Nationality, right of residence, asylum, employment and work permits, EU rights

More information…

Search by keyword

For example, you may want to find an agency that works with certain client groups (eg disabled people or older people). Or you may want to find an agency that gives advice on issues not explicitly listed above (eg education, tax)